Bunnies and piggies and me, hooray!

Happy Friday!

Today I would like to introduce my family to you. I live with three others, Simba, Chewbacca, and Rhys. These three boys are my family and I love them!


Simba, our lion-head dwarf rabbit mix.


Chewbacca, our Abyssinian guinea pig.


Rhys, my human.

As you can probably guess, my boys keep me on my toes! With the feeding, cage cleaning, cuddles, and play time they need I seldom have time for much else (but I make do.)

Often cavies and bunnies are not kept together as cage mates because there is a fear that the larger rabbit may hurt the piggy, or they may miscommunicate, and not get along well. As both of our little guys are rescues (and my landlords would like us to keep it to the two pets) they must get their social needs from each other. Our guys actually bonded quite well to each other, and either can be seen to mope about when the other is not around.

Since they both have different needs, we have set up a system that keeps them both happy.


Both of our guys have separate cages. They are allowed to roam about the apartment most of the time, however at night Simba is confined to the bedroom, and Chewbacca (Chewpie for short) is confined to his cage. We try to let them roam about as much as possible, espectially since our apartement is so small that we cannot have the C&C cages that I dream of.


For the most part their diet is the same, so it is quite easy to feed them both. They both need lots of hay which is always available in both cages; they both need water, also available in both cages, and in a dish on the floor. Both get a large helping of leafy greens in the morning and a piece of carrot, but one difference is that Simba does not need any pellets, and Chewpie does. This would not be a problem, but for the fact that Simba LOVES pellets. In order to stop him from getting to them, we feed them to Chewbacca at night when he is in his cage.


Honestly, they love to play together. After Chewbacca came into our home Simba found a new spring in his step, and now they are always together.

Chewbacca seems infatuated with Simba, and he follows him around everywhere!




Although not the ideal situation, I can no longer even imagine one without the other,

it is Simba and Chewpie,

Chewpie and Simba

That’s just the way it is!

Thanks for reading. Do you have a bonded bunny and pig? Let me know in the comments!



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