DIY Garden Markers!

I just loooove re-using things for new purposes! Honestly I keep all of my wine bottles and jars in the hopes that one day I can re-purpose them as something else. Recently I have tried to let go a little, and to help I have been doing quite a few DIY’s for my garden! Here is one that I absolutely love, garden markers!

Those little tabs you get with the plant are so helpful, but also ugly, so here is an idea for some beautiful, and personal markers for your garden.


  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Outdoor/dishwasher safe Modpodge
  • Paint pens (optional)
  • Wooden spoons (or other funky utensil)


That’s about it, and the idea is super simple, paint them a nice colour, write (or paint) the name of your plant, and then seal it with the Modpodge.


Mine are very weather proof, and so cute. I just love to go out and look at them while I water my garden.



If you aren’t a fan of the spoons there are plenty of other things to paint and use instead, some ideas are rocks, toy cars, sticks from the garden, almost anything that is small and can be painted.

What do you use in your garden as markers?

Have a happy Sunday!



2 thoughts on “DIY Garden Markers!

  1. My For Real Life says:

    I’ve never seen the spoons, but it’s really cute! I was thinking about using rocks and painting them with my 3 year old.


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