Emergency Pet Bag

Welcome to Wheeky Wednesday! Starting today, every Wednesday I will be creating a post themed around guinea pigs and bunnies. Today we are going to go over how to pack a pet emergency pack, specifically designed for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Over the past few weeks Rhys and I spent time shopping for, and setting up our own backpacks, making sure we had all of the items we might need in case of an emergency. We also decided that it was important to us to have one for Simba and Chewbacca too.

First we sat down and brain stormed a list of tings we new that they would need. We came up with this list:

  • blankets
  • food
  • Hay
  • food dishes
  • treats
  • water bottle
  • something to stay warm
  • toys
  • any medicines they might need
  • small syringes
  • medical information and laminated photos
  • a backpack to keep it all in

Once we got our list down we started looking around when we were out for things we thought would work. After all was found and bought our haul looked like this.


For the blankets we checked out some second hand stores and the dollar store. We found a few baby blankets made of fleece and cotton and a full sized fleece blanket.  Fleece is great because it is warm and wicks away moisture. They are also very used to it because we use it as their bedding.


I had some unopened toys that we had bought on sale, and hadn’t given to them yet. I was very excited about the hay I found. Oxbow sells hay stacks. The stacks are vacuum sealed and pressed before that so that about 9 days of hay is small enough to fit in our back pack! I usually buy local fresh hay, but in an emergency situation these hay disks will work great! Also in this pocket, although you can’t see it is something called a “Snuggle Safe.” It is a heating pad that is warmed in a microwave and stays warm for a long time. I know there is no guarantee we will have access to a microwave, but I still think it is good to have in there.


For food I packed pellets. Although Simba does not usually get any pellets to eat, and Chewbacca’s are merely a supplement to his diet, pellets will do in a pinch. I added some yummy freeze dried strawberry treats and a tiny corn cob that can be turned into popcorn as a treat. I also found some metal bowls for a great deal at the pet store. They cost $2 each! I figured metal would be great and would not break or warp much over time, and if we need to heat it up it can be placed on an open flame.

I also picked out an extra plastic water bottle for them.


I still need to add a few things like pictures and medical information, some Infancol (helps to relieve bloat), and some critical care (a moist form of food for sick/older small animals).

I am in the business of keeping my little guys safe, and that means in an emergency too! If you have a pet consider making them an emergency pack too. No matter what sort of pet you have, you want them to be safe in an emergency. Hear is a good list/rule of thumb to help you get started brain storming.

  • Food for at least three days
  • Treats
  • Blankets or towels for comfort
  • a toy or two
  • warmth
  • and medical papers or descriptions of illnesses and a photo of your pet
  • water
  • dishes for food and water
  • any bedding or litter they may need
  • Shelter (we have a pet carrier that they can ride in together)

Once you have this list covered, think about your pets daily life, do they need medicine? does that specific type of pet need something special such as a heat lamp or hiding place?  Add in anything that you know your pet will need for at least 72 hours.

There you go. Our pet emergency bag is almost finished, and I don’t have to worry that tomorrow might bring an emergency. I am prepared.

Are you considering creating a pet emergency pack? Have questions? Have suggestions? leave them in the comments below!!

Have a Wheeky Wednesday



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