Photo Shoot

I love to take photos of my adorable pig and bunny, but more often than not, because we live in a basement, they end up dark and blurry. Every once in a while ill get a keeper, or be able to edit a photo and brighten it up nicely. The other day I decided I wanted some nice photos to go away with for the summer, so I opened up the back door, kept a lookout for the upstairs neighbors dog, and let Simba run around in the afternoon light. I cannot let Chewbacca out like this yet because he runs away and hides too much, which would scare me outside.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from our photo shoot!!


The taste of freedom!

Simba has gotten a lot more brave about heading outside.


I love this picture, the way the light makes it look airy and the cement makes it look harsh with the focus on Simba in the top right corner!


Simba sniffing out the new carrot plants.


Most of the time Simba was running away from me, so this one was special.


He didn’t like to stay still that long, so I followed him around. It ended up being great because he forced me to get a whole bunch of different angles!


I love capturing his beautiful blue eyes!


He didn’t want to head back indoors, he loves being outside!


My very favorite photo. I think it looks like a beautiful pic in a magazine!

I did get a few cute shots of Chewbacca, inside with the door open. This ones a little dark, but its a great shot!


So there is our photo shoot! How do you guys get great shots? have any tips or tricks that you love? have any questions? post them in the comments!

May your world be beautiful, much love



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