Hi, I’m Shelby. My life is very messy, as life in your twenties often is, but I know life is an adventure, a chance to live and love and be joyful.This is my quest to find as much beauty in the world as I can, and I invite you to join me, my bunny Simba, my guinea pig Chewbacca, and my boyfriend Rhys on our quest. So grab a mug of tea (or a carrot) and come along!

A little bit about me:

I am a teacher and freelance writer just starting out my career. I am always looking for a new adventure to have, or hobby to start, because I plan to experience as much as I can in the next eighty or so years I have. I love tea, of every kind, and often bond with girlfriends over our shared love of tea, it is a club, and I read like it is going out of style, while drinking tea…

Also all of the pictures on this blog are 100% mine, either taken by me, or by Rhys. If you use them please link back to where you got them! Thanks a bunch!!

Much love,



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